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We are a British manufacturer specialising in VW Camper Van roof conversions. We pride ourselves in providing customers with the best quality hand made VW elevating roofs. Our company produces elevating roof conversions for any VW T5, T5.1, or T6 vehicle. We can install any pop top or pop up roof for your VW transporter today!

If you are an owner of camper van but wish you had more space then we can help! An elevated pop top roof will give you that extra space resulting in better head room and an extra sleeping area. Call today for a quote or more information – we are always happy to send examples of our craftsmanship!

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As part of our constant desire to improve, we offer a complete campervan conversion service. Consequently while some campervan owners prefer to keep the VW van roof the same, others feel that by investing in a state of the art VW T5 elevating roof can give them that extra head or even bed space to their campervan vehicle.