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Solar Panels For Vans & Campervans

Thinking of adding a solar system to your van or camper?

Let our experts handle it for you. Our team will work with you to design a custom, safe, and reliable system tailored to your specific needs. No need to risk costly mistakes.

Fitting a solar panel is a great way to enhance your camper van. Solar panels are a reliable source of free energy and will reduce your dependence on mains connections or shore-supplies. When a solar panel is installed it enables your battery to receive a constant charge ensuring you have lighting and power 24 hours a day. Solar panels are only as good as your batteries that are taking the charge. It is essential to have a decent battery if not two or more to keep a good amount of power stored.

Solar panel systems. The benefits:

  • Fully automatic. No settings to worry about.
  • customised to suit the requirements of your van or camper.
  • Charge your leisure batteries, engine batteries or both from the same solar panel if required.
  • Full battery protection and maximum charge to ensure batteries maintain a good lifespan.
  • Very reliable and efficient
  • Attractive. Bright, informative LCD displays keep you informed. Compact, easy to use
  • We only use solar panels built from the most reliable and efficient monocrystalline technology available.
  • We never compromise on material and manufacturing quality.

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We guarantee exceptional workmanship, fast and friendly customer service and a team that genuinely cares about ensuring your job is finished to your satisfaction.