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5 Great Reasons For Having a VW T5 Elevating Roof!

Elevating roofs for VW vans are becoming more and more popular. We have noticed a greater demand for camper van roof conversions over the last few years as holidaying in the UK becomes ever more popular. In this article we look at the advantages of having your VW T5 roof elevated:

1. More Roof Space: The main reason to have your campervan converted is plain and simple! MORE space! What can you use this extra roof space for? Well that’s a good question. Having a VW T5 elevating roof can result in that extra space for another bed space. The elevated roof gives you more head room while you are parked and can make it feel larger and less constricting. It is easier to change clothes, cook, clean and generally just a better environment for you to relax in.

2. Choice: An elevating roof gives you more flexibility in the vans daily function, meaning you can extend the roof when ever you feel. It gives you the option of just using your VW Transporter van as an every day vehicle or a extended home for camping out.

3. Design: All of our elevating roofs are fitted with safety in mind. The compact design will help you to travel in safety and comfort. The roof is designed so that you can go about your daily business as normal. The roof is fitted to the existing body in a way that when it’s retracted you can travel through bridges and barriers as normal.

4. Air:  VW T5 elevating roofs are designed and installed to create an airflow while both in the driving position and the elevated position. This helps greatly if you are using the extra roof space as a bedroom!

5. Freedom: It’s great to be able to just go off for the weekend on a whim! With our roof system you can change your van into a campervan in minutes. One minute you are travelling down the motorway, the next minute you are relaxing in your comfortable van with all the extra space a van roof conversion gives you.

Kombi Kamp have decades of experience in van conversions. Owners Bob & Jim are fully qualified and time served engineers with over 70 years of experience! If you would like our up to date price list just drop us an email or even better give us a call for a friendly chat.

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