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Summer is nearly here. Now is a good time to install an elevating roof!
Summer is just around the corner and soon campers throughout the UK will be looking to use their campervans! We recommend the VW T5 Transporter van. These vans are perfect for the camping trips. They have enough space to allow campers to adjust and move freely in the vehicle while also still easily managing to keep all the camping equipment needed in the van. The addition of an elevated roof which can also be known as pop tops or campervan conversions will enhance the overall look and use of your van.
Some people think that the elevating roofs will affect the appearance and design of their VW T5 Transporter vans. However, they do not understand that the installation of the roof has far more benefits as compared to a standard camper!

Here are some of the amazing reasons why you should consider the installation of a VW elevating roof.
Extra space!
With the installation of an elevating roof, you will have far more overall space in your van to move around. It is very beneficial to those staying and travelling by feeling much less claustrophobic. Adding a little more space will have a positive effect on the surroundings and the atmosphere in general. The extra head space enables you walk more freely and enable you to stand up to get changed. You can use your camper for more practical jobs too with an elevating roof like preparing food. A campervan conversion will improve yours and other peoples experience in the van which will allow you to have a safe and fun journey.
Elevating roofs will add more flexibility to the van. It will allow you to convert the van anytime you like. In case the weather is nice you can easily extend the roof to let the cool air flow through the vehicle. On the other hand if the weather is cooler you have the choice to keep the roof down so that any heat in the van stays there. This flexibility is beneficial in all types of weather and conditions.
The biggest benefit of an installation of an elevating roof is the ventilation process.
The material built between the van and the elevating roof are made from the latest breathable materials.
If you will open one of the windows of the van you will notice that the flow of air will be improved.
It will help to control the airflow. Fresh air can be added by lifting the roof
If the weather is hot, once you open the roof you will not want to close it. It will improve the flow of air in the van with such perfection that there will be no need to turn on the AC. In this way, you will save fuel that is consumed with running the AC. There is also no need to open the van widows because elevating roof will do the job for you!
There is sometimes a misconception that once they will have the elevating roof of their vehicle it will become hard for them to move under the bridge or lower area. There is nothing to worry about because the roof comes with proper technological control and also fitted to the highest UK standards so that it passes under height restricted areas! Car parks barriers are not a problem for VW T4, T5 or T6 Transporter vans that have had a roof campervan conversion.
Allow you to stretch!
When you travel a long distance your body will get tired and fatigued because of sitting for a long time. You will have to stop the van at various locations to assure that you can move your body and stretch your legs. With a elevated roof fitted you can stop for smaller time slots by lifting the roof so you can stand up and stretch which will save you time having to leave the vehicle to get out and have a stretch! It will also make your stops more enjoyable with the roof up. Imagine on a long journey, travelling down some typical British country lanes and being able to park up almost anywhere, lift the roof up and have a bite to eat while looking at the wonderful countryside!
Demand for your van will increase!
If you have the business that rents out campervans then owning and renting out VW T5 transporter vans with elevating roofs will transform your business! To most campers the installation of the elevating roof is a big necessity. It will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors because your customers will prefer your vans. It will be a major attraction especially when the campers will understand the benefits that come with the roof. Just install elevating roofs to your campers and customers will automatically come to you.
Bottom line!
Some VW van owners think that they can easily install an elevating roof kit on their VW T5 Transporter vans. However, they do not understand that it is a very tricky process and one wrong move will result in the van being damaged. This is the reason that you should consider taking the help of the professionals. Kombi Kamp have decades of experience in vehicle engineering and all elevated roof installations are guaranteed.
Kombi-Kamp has been working in this field for many years and specialise in VW campervan roof conversions. The company have a team of experts that will provide the best elevating roof installation services in the UK.

The best thing about the services on offer with Kombi Kamp is that we use the best quality materials available for the manufacture our elevating roofs and all parts of the roof are stitched by hand. Unlike other roof installers we build everything on site so we know that every part of the roof is up to standard.. All the Kombi Kamp VW elevating roofs installation services are available at the most affordable rate. For more information related to a roof installation please get in touch today!

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